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Stock Market Project

In my Language Arts class, we had a stock market project where we have $20,000 fake dollars to invest in 1-6 companies. We didn’t invest real money. We made cards of a stock market company and every two weeks we checked our stocks. At the last week of school we checked and who ever gained the most money got prizes. The prizes were headbands and candy. We invested in stocks based off of how well they were doing and this project showed me how quickly a company can lose lots of money and how quickly there stocks can go down.

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Ted Like Talk

In Language Arts class, we had to do a Ted like Talk about anything we already knew a lot about and we needed slides, at least a 5 minute long talk, and pictures. My Ted like Talk was about bracelets. I talked about how I started, my favorite part about making them, how long I have been making them, how long they take to make, how to read patterns, my favorite patterns, and my bracelet business. I love making bracelets and It was very fun to be able to teach people how to follow patterns and all different aspects of bracelets.

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The Last Cuentista, Ideal World, Cuento and Book Making

First, at school we read a book called The Last Cuentista. The Last Cuentista was about a girl who goes on a spaceship to a different planet with lots of other people and when she wakes up, her family is gone and the space ship has a very weird way of living. Throughout the book she uses stories or cuentos to make her feel closer to home. She told the other kids on the ship stories and it made a big difference in their life and gave them something to enjoy. They eventually escaped when they landed on the planet which was very different from earth but the stories are so meaningful because they brought them together and gave them something to enjoy.

The ideal of our ideal world project was to create our own world since the book we read was about a very different world. We made paper books to show our world that included writing describing our planets. We could chose anything for our planets and we got to hand make books to show what our planets would look like on the surface.

Lastly, we made a cuento about a story from our lives that affected us in a good or bad way. I chose for my cuento to be about my mom who came to America for college and her experience with not knowing full English in college. This story affected my life a lot because if she had not come to America I would have a very different life and I would live in Colombia. Here is my cuento:

College in America

Retold by: Soledad

I lived in Bogota, Colombia until I graduated high school. After high school, my dad wanted me to go to America for college. This was not my first choice, I hated the idea of being far from my family but we knew it was the best decision for my future. I decided to take a year as an exchange student so that I would learn more English, and it would be easier to get to know it before I live there for at least four years. I was an exchange student in Asheville, North Carolina. I was lucky enough to stay with a very kind family with a daughter my age and to this day I am still friends with their family.

After that amazing year, I went to Davidson College and that’s when the fun stopped. I loved the campus, however, my roommates alienated me. They excluded me from the rest of their group because I didn’t know perfect English. This was especially hard because my family and old friends were in Colombia so I could not talk to them about it. Since I still didn’t know perfect English it meant that I worked twice as hard and got half as far.

Even though some parts of it were challenging, there were parts I loved about Davidson. The campus was beautiful, but my favorite part of college was the amount of people I met.Not everyone excluded me and I met lots of amazing people including my husband. I also love living in North Carolina and I’m so happy here.  


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Dance Unit

In P.E we did a dance unit and I thought that it was really fun! In this unit we chose groups which I really liked because it was fun to spend time with my friends that were in my group. For the dance unit, we had to create a dance that lasted one minute to one of the 10 songs that were listed. Our group chose ME! By Taylor Swift because we really like the song and it is very upbeat. Our dance was really upbeat with lots of lifts and partner work. At the end, we watched every group’s dances and I was really impressed with everybody because when everyone had a chance to be creative and make their own dance up it was really interesting to see what they could come up with!

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My planet is called Costéra. It is a beautiful coastal planet that is filled with oceans and islands. It is three times larger than earth and its sun is a bit bigger than earths so the sunsets are beautiful. The soil is very good for growing food and it is easy to make food similar to earths. There are different regions of islands, however they are in peace and never go to war for more land. There are volcanoes but they don’t spout lava they only spout water so it is a beautiful sight to see. The people on my planet have the ability to breathe underwater but civilization is on the land. The people can breathe underwater because they had to adapt to it a long time ago and so now they are born with it.


On my planet since it is so big there are different economy’s all over the different island groups. All of these economy’s are maintained and none of them are failing. Each island group has a slightly different way of governing their area however they are all pretty similar. Everyone needs a job and anybody that does not have one will either be given one or be given money each month until they find a job. The reason everyone needs a job is to sustain a government with money and to have good infrastructure. Healthcare and water are both free. Education is very important so there is an educated community and everyone is required to go to school until high school at least however everyone is encouraged to go to college. The school system is much better than on earth. One week of school is four days out of the week and there is very little homework. The classrooms are much better and have comfortable seating and the classes are chosen by the student except for history, math, English, and science. There is freedom of culture and religion and racism does not exist on my planet. There are governors for each island group and they are chosen by the people voting for who they want to govern their island group.

Life on Costéra

The towns are beautiful with shops with everything anyone needs. The architecture is very pretty and the towns are very colorful. The beach is very close to town and the ocean has no riptide or dangerous animals. Everyone can   Breathe underwater when they go to the ocean so it is very fun to go swimming because they don’t have to be worried about drowning so it is more care free. Because costera is three times larger than earth it is closer to the sun and so there are beautiful sunsets. There are very rare spots in costera where it is cold enough for snow so it is common to go skiing for anybody who would like to. There is healthy and safe drinking water and food and groceries are free, however if you would like to go to a restaurant you have to pay. There is the same music there as on earth and phones still exist, they just are not addictive. The weather is almost always sunny except for the snow in the cold spots where people go skiing.

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Window or Mirror?

From Sora

The book I’m reading is Undercover Latina. I really like it because it is really interesting and motivates me to read because it has a lot of cliffhangers. Some books are windows and some books are mirrors. A window book is one that you don’t really relate to and a mirror book is a book that you can relate to a lot and see similar things in the book to you. This book is a window because the main character has to do these missions and I have never had to do anything like that before. She does home school and lives in California unlike. I really like this book and I recommend it.

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Hi, today I am going to tell about why I love summer so much. There is nothing I love more than the beach. Once a year each summer my family goes to the beach for about a week. I love swimming in the ocean because when its not rough it is amazing to swim around in and go through the waves. Another thing about the beach is the town. It depends on what beach we go to because we don’t always go to the same one but most of them are really good to bike rid e in.

Another great part about summer is that there is no school and so there is so much more time to do things. In summer swim team starts which has made me make so many friends and I loved going to practice during the summer.  This summer especially I tried to get a lot better at swimming and it made me like it even more, I went to a lot of swim meets and I improved so much from the start to the end. Sadly swim team is only in summer so it is another thing that I really look forward to in the summer that I can’t do during the school year.

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Wisdom Tales Project

Today Elle, Stella, and I presented our wisdom tales project. Wisdom tales are stories with different lessons and for our project we acted out Looking For the Key. We made our script and acted it out in front of the entire class. Looking For the Key is about someone looking for a key outside and gathers people to help. One person asks if they know where it might be or the last spot they left it and they say, “ I left it inside.” Everybody asked why they are not looking inside and they say, “It is light outside, inside it is dark so it’s hard to look for.” The lesson is that to find the key to happiness inside you not from superficial things.

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Camp Hanes Trip

Last Thursday, the sixth grade took an overnight trip to Camp Hanes.

It was amazing and I had so much fun so here is what we did. Camp Hanes was a one night trip to camp Hanes with the whole sixth grade. It is two and a half hours away so we took two buses there. The people in my grade were split into two halves and each half went to bus 1 and 2. We got to pick where we sat! I got to school with my bags for camp Hanes. I was so excited. The second I got out of the car all of my friends ran over and we talked for a little bit before the buses got there. When we got on the bus I sat with my best friend Emmy and we shared candy, played UNO, and talked for most of the time. On the bus they played Madagascar on the TVs so we watched some of that too. For the last 20 minutes of the bus ride all of my friends and I were singing camp songs and it was really fun. 

The activities we did were really fun but my favorite was the rock climbing wall. It was really fun because on each side of the rock wall were obstacles that I had to climb up to get to the top and at the very top there was a sky bridge which was a big net at the very top in between the two obstacles and above the rock climbing wall. And walking across was really amazing because it was really high up. I climbed up the rock climbing wall twice and each time I came down a different way, the first time I climbed down and the second time I used the belay and I would definitely say that using the belay was more fun. My favorite part about it was definitely the sky bridge and the way to get up to the sky bridge because on each side there was a different obstacle to get to the top, my favorite side to climb up was definitely the logs where I had to climb up the logs and then go through a net to the next level because it was more challenging than the other side and I enjoyed it a lot. When I got to the sky bridge at first I was hesitant towards it because it was so high up but when I got on it it was a really remarkable experience.

I also really enjoyed our last activity of the day on Thursday because we did a survival challenge that was girls versus boys where we had to make something to sleep under and make a fire and I feel proud of my team because we made a roof with leafs on top so rain could not get in and even got big logs to use as benches inside. We also made a fire from scratch and so I feel like we did really well because a lot of us had never done anything similar to it before.

Camp Hanes was wonderful and I would definitely recommend it. The entire  experience was amazing and I had a great time with my friends, the activities, and the bus rides there and back.